JUNE 03, 2016

Summer drinks

Refreshing alkalizing drinks for Summer

Yummy drinks for summer

2 big lemon squeezed juice
1 cup of fresh garden mint
optional:bubbly water, just water
1 cup of ice

Simple but so refreshing , stay hydrated!

Watermelon, what?

Do you like watermelon?! Gosh, I can't get enough of them! But have you tried to juice 'rind'?

Don't throw it away!

It is amazingly great for our health! Especially you are always tired, need more afternoon energy! This is perfect! I eat pink part of watermelon and save the rind for next morning! And juice them with bit of fresh mint! Or just rind!

You will be very surprised and it is researched as ' natural Viagra'=-)

Stay Awesome and Live Yummy!

Passion with citrus

Grapefruit +cucumber

Yum! These two combos were awesome. Both are alkalizing body juice ingredients . Summer is in the corner and We don't want too much sugar in our body!

Yummy! Enjoy it and I can hear your body is screaming with joy!

Simple and Powerful juice. Stay Awesome and Live Yummy.

Do you eat meat a lot?

If you like to eat meat and you think you are eating meat at least once a day, then you want to carefully look into "how much "I am intaking Vitamin A on daily basis.

Breaking down meat and strengthening your Liver, these are very major role in modern diet, since we are eating a lot of "hard to process in body type of food" a lot into our body, therefore, we want to make it easier for our body to work on "working" what we are looking, or calling food isn't the food our body recognize, cakes, steak, scrambled eggs etc , those food are not going to be categorized in our body as the way we are calling it as a food.

Our body need to break all the food down to the special form to be able to absorb in as a nutrient form.

This recipe will help you to digest "meat" better in your body - Vitamin A intake- , and help you to start your day better!

Don't be scared of

Beet is just amazing and it is perfect vegetable to drink when it is a bit chilly!!! =-) and it is so potent , make your pee or number 2 's color a bit redish. but it is ok , It is sort of natural if you have beet.
As long as you don't drink "every single day", it will go away! Enjoy this beautiful healthy drink for your body!

Super Ginger!

I named this drink "Super Ginger". Got Ginger flavor and Lemon and apple refreshment! and AVOCADO! creamy avo! mmmmm

I love avo so much so basically. Juice all the fruits and veggies (except avocado) and you want to make an wheatgrass shot separately and blend them all together in the blender

So you need a blender and a juicer for this recipe!