MARCH 24, 2017

Paleo Banana Muffin with Dark Chocolate

Mmm when I offer these muffins to dinner table with guests, they were so shocked the fact this was "Paleo"- I would not call "Paleo" would be a magic card to the healthy road. but at least these are "Gluten, Dairy, Sugar free"-which is killing people slowly nowadays!

Anyways, this is super simple as long as you have Dark chocolate near by( I used the chocolate syrup I made for dipping strawberry) or you can just use Dark chocolate chunks from super market. I just prefer making my own for my own sake.=-)

Cooking time :15 minutes in the oven (165 C)

Simple ingredients

1 cup almond flour
1 tsp baking soda
tsp salt
3 bananas(Ripe)
1 tbs raw honey
1 egg, beaten
4 tbs Coconut oil
cup raw wlanuts, chopped
home made chocolate

Mashed those bananas(ripe ones are better- so much sweeter )and add honey, oil, egg. and then have a separate bowl for dry ingredients( I like pulse them with food processor but if you don't have one, just mixed them well) . combine dry ingredients and wet one together, it should be really wet . and add walnuts and chocolate. put those in the muffin tray, and cook it for 15 minutes and cool

Warm Juice

Honey is so amazing for our body. Natural is the best healing.

So here is the warm juice recipe you can easily do winter time- we crave more sugar in our body to be able to keep our body warm. why not having some great "sugar' into our body and nourish our body and be free from winter "cravings"

It is easy

1/2 warm water + 1 tsp of honey and you can top up with any sort of juice you made.

My gosh, it is amazing!!! Diet never works on Healthy life style. Be free from diet and be happy today with one small step!

Snack Attack?

I didn't even have that during cold winter which is the season people put on a lot of more "winter-fat" on their body.

But lately I noticed myself I want to eat something sweet constantly. and Coffee! what is going on??????

The festival season is coming and my body is telling me "Jihee, go and get some iced tea or coffee for yourself! you deserve it!Everyone is carrying one!"

But my brain says "No, Jihee, you are not getting any those, those would make you more tired!" Hahaha yeah, Being a Nutrition coach would have this sort of "Snack attack " as well, so Don't feel bad if you are getting one lately.

So how are we going to beat this evil "snack attack?"

1. Drink more water. We are walking on the road chronically dehydrated. and we don't even know it . also the weather got warmer, my body needs more water than last month. so if you drank 2 Litre of water everyday, Good on you! Drink some more. =-) if we are dehydrated, then our body wants more sweet.
2. Snack Healthy. June is the time that we are getting a lot of fresh produce and it is perfect time for us to grab-and- go! but not in the packet form, not in the processed bag. Go all the way to the natural. check here for seasonal fruits for June
3. Exercise or Hobby. There is a research done that when we want some snack, more than 80% times would mean " I am bored". so If we can spend some time on doing something that we really like to do, then you will be able to beat the "snack attack" as well.
4. Did I sleep well? Most of people need 7 hours solid sleep and if you didn't have good sleep then you are more likely going for a snack that you would not go for normally. Let's have a guilt free of snacking after great sleep. you would really go for a healthy snack if you had great sleep at night. =-)
5. Unbalanced Diet. I know there are so many diets out there, I learned them all, and some of them are awesome, some of them are scary! our body has a simple mind set- Love and protect . If we are missing any nutrients(carbs,fat, proteins,minerals, vitamin etc) , then our body is trying to fill them up, so keep sending the signal to brain "FEED ME MORE", therefore, sometimes we are constantly hungry, hungry, HUNGRY! so try to balance your meal.

Summer is almost here and If we can stop our "snack attack" this coming month June, You will feel , look so much better!