APRIL 08, 2017

Inside Sales

In some business circumstances or selling environments, the best strategy may be to implement an inside sales solution. In covering remote geographies, executing a sales blitz, or working with limited resources or low cost/low margin product offerings an inside sales team may provide the needed sales impact to deliver on your business plan.

Prior to setting up an inside sales team, it is necessary to have a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of the team members with clear expectations regarding performance. Proper training must be provided to the team, addressing key area such as products and services offered, inside sales techniques, major competitors, market demand, target audience etc. The team must be educated in delivering critical sales messages (opening statements, Feature/Benefit presentation, objection handling, competitive positioning, etc.) Performance benchmarks must be set, and incentive packages must be put in place. A reporting system must also be established that tracks all key metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis with regular analysis of trends. A highly motivating environment must be created with reward and recognition systems.

To be effective, the inside sales team must also be technologically enabled. Systems and tools must be implemented to support the entire sales cycle from routine contact and account management to increasingly sophisticated opportunity management and prospect collaboration. A company-wide CRM system, reliable communication infrastructure including IP phones, web conferencing capabilities such as WebEx for product demos, interactive web sites where customers can find detailed product information, in-house intranet sites (having all relevant processes and procedures, documents, templates), and prospect intelligence repositories are some of the tools that can be of invaluable use to the inside sales team.

HealthTechForce can work with you to develop an inside sales strategy, staff the team, and execute your tactical plan. Our approach draws from years of experience in planning and executing successful marketing programs and telesales campaigns. We focus on all essential elements of inside sales such as targeting, message, approach, call flow, qualification criteria and list acquisition to drive your business.