OCTOBER 18, 2017

5 Benefits of Avocado

I remember the texture of Avocado when I had it for the first time

YUCK! What the heck is this?

It is funny enough that I am absolutely loving it now and I literally can't live without one of this beauty.

So why Avocado?

1. Womanizer

Great for woman -especially if you are thinking of "birth" and also great prevention for "breast cancer" as well. Eat it Women!xx

2. Lower Cardiovascular disease

Yeah, it is a FAT! but it doesn't mean "eating fat" goes directly go to your thighs or buttocks. There is a fat which is helping and lowering your blood and heart related disease.

3. Better absorption

A lot of people asked me that even though they are eating healthy , they don't get energized, still bloated, fail to shake off the weight etc (patriot power greens. Have you thought that "Malnutrition?" yeah, unfortunately some people have this issue. but don't worry! if you are eating some green leafy or vegetable, add this beautiful green! then your body absorb nutrients way better!

4. Truly superfood

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging, Eye Health, Better Skin

5. Powerful Vitamin E house

Start inviting Avocado in your diet! your body will reward you with vibrant skin, body!

I am bloated, and really feeling sluggish

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Healthy for Change blog. well It is spring now and my body supposed to feel amazing, but somehow I start feeling a bit sluggish and tired. HOW COME????

I have been......
Juice everyday,
Eat relatively healthy
Exercise regularly
Sleep well
What is wrong with me?????????
why now? I was fine during winter!

+ Food Allergies

Well those pictures are major things that I have been asking my clients to "Reduce" or "cut out" But I was having it occasionally. What did I have past week?

Home made pizza at home - used pepper jack cheese/the cows didn't have any hormone injection one, and Feta cheese in the oil.

Sandwich - 2 slices cheese I made for 2 Sandwich - 2 of those lunches went to all-you-can eat and Drink place during weekends

Alcohol - I went to all-you-can Drink place for friends' birthday and got 2 glasses of wine( I know, I am a light way)

Gluten - I have been having a bread everyday (brown bread)

These are only 3 things I could think of, of course I have been really busy with my schedule as well but I absolutely love my job, so it didn't give me any "stress" to inflame my body.

So I have been cutting these 3 things of since Sunday(It has been 4 days) I felt significantly different! Less tired, Less bloated and Less grumpy!! hahaha

So why don't we try to see what is not great for us, for our body?

I am so amused by this little change. I know it isn't easy but after feeling this great energy from what food can do to you, then you might want to slowly get out of it.

I am going to post the article soon about "make you like a slug" food.