OCTOBER 18, 2017

True Botanicals, Estriol, Arimistane & 5 Benefits of Avocado

I remember the texture of Avocado when I had it for the first time

YUCK! What the heck is this?

It is funny enough that I am absolutely loving Arimistane it now and I literally can't live without one of this beauty - Arimistane.

So why Avocado?

1. Womanizer

Great for woman -especially if you are thinking of "birth" Estriol and also great prevention for "breast cancer" as well - Estriol. Eat it Women!xx

2. Lower Cardiovascular disease

Yeah, it is a FAT! but it doesn't mean "eating fat" True Botanicals goes directly go to your thighs or buttocks - True Botanicals. There is a fat which is helping and lowering your blood and heart related disease.

3. Better absorption

A lot of people asked me that even though they are eating healthy , they don't get energized, still bloated, fail to shake off the weight etc (piping rock. Have you thought that "Malnutrition?" yeah, unfortunately some people have this issue. but don't worry! if you are eating some green leafy or vegetable, add this beautiful green! then your body absorb nutrients way better!

4. Truly superfood

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging, Eye Health, Better Skin

5. Powerful Vitamin E house

Start inviting Avocado in your diet! your body will reward you with vibrant skin, body!

I am bloated, and really feeling sluggish

AUGUST 22, 2017

Eating Disorders

You would expect athletes to be some of the healthiest people around. You assume they eat a healthy diet, don't smoke and are in excellent shape. But sometimes, the best intentions can go too far.

"Some athletes are at risk for a medical condition known as 'disordered eating,'" says Michelle Hoff, DO, Methodist Hospital Eating Disorders Institute. "It occurs when athletes don't take in enough calories to support their workouts and their body's basic needs." Although often unintentional, disordered eating may be the prelude into a full-blown eating disorder, which can seriously affect athletes' physical and emotional health. The problem is that eating disorders often come on gradually and go undetected until the harm is done. At that time, behaviors are difficult to change.

Certain athletes more at risk

Eating disorders can affect both males and females prevagen, some prevagen. But, athletes who participate in certain sports, especially those that focus on the individual, are more prone to this condition.

Gymnastics, dance, figure skating and diving are judged on appearance, and some athletes go to unhealthy extremes to be thin.

Wrestling and weightlifting have strict weight classifications, and some athletes use unhealthy strategies to drop a few quick pounds.

Running, swimming and cross-country skiing require great endurance, causing some athletes to believe that weight loss will enhance performance.

"Being extremely driven, highly competitive and having a strong desire to please coaches also increase athletes' risks," Dr. Hoff adds.

JULY 01, 2017

GMO, Hybrid and Heirloom Seeds

More and more people are beginning to grow their own gardens again. They're eating fruits from their own labor. What a beautiful thing!

We need to understand; however, not all seeds are created equal.

There are 3 types of seeds: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Hybrid and Heirloom Seeds, read monistat 1. In this post, I want to briefly go over some of the differences in these seed types.


Definition: "GMOs" (or "genetically modified organisms") are organisms that have been created through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This relatively new science allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a laboratory, creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods."

Why are they doing this you might ask? Well, there are definitely different theories out there. But, for the sake of choosing to see the good in the world, I am going to say that it is an effort to make foods more resistant to disease, drought and insects. In theory, this sounds wonderful, right? But, the research surrounding the safety of consuming foods from these seeds is not promising. In fact, there is an abundant amount of evidence demonstrating that these types of foods are dangerous to not only our health, but also the sustainability of our environment as a whole. Quite honestly, as it stands, I would never willingly put any food in my body that has come from these types of seeds. (Lindsay and I actually are in the process of developing an education course on GMOs. Stay tuned for that.)

MAY 06, 2017

How To Design The Perfect Fat Burning Diet

Fat Burning Diet is a term that is thrown around a lot now-a-days, and to some extent there is such a thing, although perhaps not in the way you might imagine. This post is about what makes a "Fat Burning Diet" different from any other type of diet.

Who Is This Diet Plan For?

Well, anyone really, but in particular this regime should suit you if you:

Are just a little over your ideal weight and you are struggling to drop that little bit of persistent fat.
Have tried low calorie diets, perhaps even stuck to them rigidly and still failed to lose any significant weight.
I've been there myself, I even resorted to a 1,000 calorie a day diet, which traditional wisdom tells us should result in a lot of weight loss - even if not particularly healthy.

Why Isn't Your Diet Working?

Well it turns out that the traditional model of calories in minus calories out is at best flawed. An interesting study of different diets proved this point quite well:

3 groups of people were put on 1,000 calorie diets.
Group 1 consumed 90% of their calories as Protein
Group 2 consumed 90% of their calories as Fat
Group 3 consumed 90% of their calories as Carbohydrates

The results were interesting. Group 1 lost the most weight, group 2 lost a lot less weight, but group 3 actually gained weight!

So there you have it - calorie counting doesn't always work. These groups were all consuming far less calories than their bodies should have been using, yet group 3 actually gained weight.